Custom CPS3 case by TR Fight Stick

Today I received a package which was part of a trade I did where I made some custom harnesses for a custom CPS3 case by TR Fight Stick. Those that know me, know I love my red and fortunately for me, the trade ended up with the red CPS3 case!

As soon as you held the case, you knew it was made REALLY well. The finish is impeccable and the build quality is second to none – this feels OEM.

This particular case is not the normal one that Hurist makes, it’s got no LEDs, the normal cutout of “CP System III” is not there and lastly, the cart has a protective cover. This worked out really well as I would’ve asked Hurist for the same mods if I ordered it myself 🙂

Assembly on the unit is really easy. It’s just a matter of using a screwdriver multiple times 😀

  • Remove all the screws from the base
  • Place the 5 standoffs in the following positions of the base (note I currently don’t have a SCSI2SD pcb, so I didn’t install it)
  • 5x M3 screws on the standoffs and the pcb is secured
  • To get the cover on, you have to carefully insert the jamma edge into the perfectly cut jamma edge cutout and then slide it back
  • Once the cover is on, it’s just a matter of putting all the M4 screws in the base
  • Pop the cart in and Bob’s your uncle 🙂
  • The final part of the assembly is to put the volume knob, test button on and then the cart cover which I decided to cut a few mm off the label so I could fit on the cover. I think it’s turned out perfect!

Overall, I really can’t fault this case and I am super impressed with the build, the finish, the ease of installation and the most importantly, the fact that you can still use an original CD rom like you normally would or have the ability to install the SCSI2SD pcb.

If you have a CPS3, you know how fragile they are and this is hands down THE BEST case you can get for the CPS3. Don’t even bother getting the plexi case, save a little more and do yourself (and the CPS3) a favour by purchasing this case as soon as you can before Hurist decides to no longer make them 😀

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