Sega Aero City

Through the Candy Cab Gods (namely @DRAGONKZ), I’ve been able to secure one a candy cab grail – the Sega Aero City! It wouldn’t be a Caesar cabinet without a respective work log thread┬áLong story, short, Dragonkz moved heaven and earth to secure this cab and once secured, he told Continue Reading

Blast City – It’s alive!

Originally posted Apr 13, 2021 This weekend that just passed, I set myself the goal of “just getting the shell screwed in to the base” as the shells had “dried*” *more on that later. The wiring deceivingly took WAAAAY longer than I expected as I decided I would take out Continue Reading

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Blast City – Hiatus

Originally posted Mar 29, 2021 Wow, it’s been 4 months since I last updated! I haven’t really had much motivation to finish it off, I had one cab in its place with the rest of the cabs which made me really delay the finishing of the other cab. With that Continue Reading

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Blast City – Speaker Replacement

Originally posted Nov 27, 2020 Not much has been happening, we’ve had terrible weather the last few weeks and I just cbf atm.. lol The only thing I’ve worked on are the speakers. I purchased these speakers online–296-256 They are slightly bigger than the original stock speaker, but it’s the Continue Reading

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