Egret 2 – control panel and general update

It’s been a while since the last update – I always dread updates that’s why they’re so far in between haha

I was bumbed for a little while as the temporary ms9 I had stopped working :( luckily, the proper MS9 from the cab was being serviced by JOMAC and it wasn’t too much longer.

I received my 1p panel from Alberto and he also hooked up the missing marquee bracket which I’ve painted white since.

On the painting side of things, I decided to paint the speaker grills, move list clips and marquee holder.

Speaker grills before:

Speaker grills after:

Move list clips before:

Move list clips after:

And here’s the marquee bracket painted

Since this was the first run for Alberto with the marquee bracket, it was only natural that it be tested properly for fitment. Fortunately, the bracket fit perfectly fine!

Next on the agenda was to install the freshly purchased Joystick and buttons on the 1p panel.

Since the panel was using the sanwa style mount, I thought that getting the K-SE flat plate was the correct decision for the Seimtisu LS32 stick. Upon installing, I knew it wasn’t right, the shaft height was way too short, it was around the 19-20mm mark from the top of the panel to the bottom of the ball top. For most candy cab users, this is definitely not in the acceptable as 24-25mm is the acceptable norm. Fellas, that 4mm matters so much! :D :D

The solution was to get the K-SS bracket which has an S bend so it’s a lot closer to the top of the CP than with the flat plate, this will give it the correct shaft height.

I didn’t have the new SS bracket that has the centre hole in it so it’s just a directly plug and play to Alberto’s panel, but I did have a spare SS bracket…

Since I didn’t really want to wait too much longer, I wanted to get this bracket on and tested, so I got my handy drill and guestimated where the hole needed to be and away she went… it fit perfectly

The shaft height is now at the correct height of 24mm!

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