CPS3 Multi and Ultra Simms

I’ve done a couple of Darksoft Multis over the last couple of weeks. These are for DRAGONKZ

This one is the CPS3 Ultra SIMMS

The CPS3 Ultra Simms allow you to load up all CPS3 games on flash and switch between all of them making it instant vs waiting 40 minutes each time you have to write the data on to the SIMMS. Great if you want to play all all CPS3 games, but 99.9% of the time, the CPS3 will have SF3s loaded :D

Had to purchase a programmer to write the software on these Ultra Simms

The whole writing process was relatively easy, you just had to do it 8 times (simms 1 and 2 need to be written 4 times)

This particular CPS3 board still had the battery installed. This is the worst thing to have on an aging pcb, so that was number one on the desolder list :D

Battery be gone!!

I updated the BIOS on the cart as it only had the Super BIOS hich isn’t compatible with the Ultra SIMMS.

Flash was desoldered, re-programmed and resoldered to No CD Ultra Simm standard SH2

Everything was put back together on Jasen’s custom CPS3 case nice and neatly – the great thing about Jasen’s case is there’s a direct hole for the dip switches

These dip switches allow you to change the game


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