Astro City Marquee Restore

For those that have a Sega Astro City, knows how dull and lifeless the marquee can look.

I came across possibly one of the best Sega Astro City restoration thread on Arcade Projects by FluxChiller who had restored his marquee to a quality that made it look brand new!

I wanted this for my Astro Cities too 😀 so I purchased some adhesive vinyl gels from

The direct links are as follows:

Once the vinyls arrived, I created a template to use and place on the vinyl, no fancy cricut machines or cnc’s, just good old hand cutting 🙂

The gels are adhesive, so all you do is peel the backing off and apply it straight onto the marquee and before you know it, the whole marquee is done

To give a visual representation of the difference these little gels make, here’s the before

And after

Across three Astros, they definitely make a massive difference!

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