Wireless Phone Charger using Sega AIME card reader

For a little while now, I’ve been using the Sega AIME Control panel for Astro Cities (I’ve also since purchased another 2 of these panels giving me a total of 4 since I like the style so much). Since I’m not using any PCBs that would make sure of the AIME card reader, I thought, why not re-purpose it all since it’s already there.

A number of people I know use a wireless phone charger on their NesicaLive card reader, so I figured I’d do the same with the AIME. Enter this 5 dollar fast charging unit from Aliexpress

I purchased 4 of these units and they arrived yesterday. There’s really not much to them.

I initially thought my phone chargers would be sufficient as they “fast charge” my phone, however, these chargers don’t fast charge properly using the wireless charger

Grabbed one of the kids spare ipad charger from ebay and found it fast charged. It’s just a bigger unit all round and also has 12v

Secured the charger with some gorilla tape, nothing fancy at all, these units can’t be seen.

Voila! Fast charging while playing! :D

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