Blast City – Hiatus

Wow, it’s been 4 months since I last updated!

I haven’t really had much motivation to finish it off, I had one cab in its place with the rest of the cabs which made me really delay the finishing of the other cab.

With that said, I recently sold off one blast so I needed to get a crack on the other one. I’m gotten to the point where I don’t care any more about the paint job LOL. I’ve gone through about 10 coats doing the two major pieces with sanding in between as I either can’t “get the right finish” or it ends up having some paint running because I’m getting too impatient. The last coat I did is the final coat for the two shells (if there’s runs, there’s runs, if it’s uneven, it’s uneven). I’m done, I just want to build it and get it done.

The paint has dried, but I’ll wait a few more days for it to cure. On the photo, it doesn’t look too bad, but on closer inspection, there’s definitely a run or two – oh well!


These pieces aren’t too bad to paint, definitely a lot easier to get a decent finish than the two shells :)


In between paint coats, I decided to mod the coin mech that I purchased from YAJ. Since it accepted ¥100 coins, I knew the Capcom tokens I had were slightly bigger, but also knew these coin mechs should be able to have some sort of adjustment to allow for slight variations.

Capcom token, next to ¥100 and next to a 10 cent coin (AUD)


Here’s the first step


Second step


Last step


Video of it all working

Hopefully in the next week or so, I can at least put the two shells together and start the rebuild process!

I hope I still remember how to re-install everything, I was supposed to use the other blast to copy, but now that’s gone, silly me didn’t take proper pics and what not – I’m sure I’ll figure it out :D

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