Egret 2 – worklog update

Been working on this here and there over the past few days, but managed to get some solid time on Saturday.


I can understand why I’ve heard of people “necking” their tubes on this cab. If you’re not careful and if you haven’t checked the wires if there’s enough slack, using the rotation mech could easily have the neck board come off if you’re not careful.

The chassis bracket is easy enough to get out, it’s just a matter taking out 4 screws albeit a little awkward to get to.

The chassis itself looks like it’s in pretty good condition compared to other cabs I’ve had in the past, there isn’t any soot on the chassis at all. Nevertheless, she’s packed and ready to go to the CRT god JOMAC :D

Fortunately for me, I had a good mate @tom previously send me an MS9 that he suspected had a drifting flyback but was serviced by JOMAC, so I was happy to try it out.

Not long after, we have picture!! The image was amazing! There’s some slight burn on the monitor, but it is what it is.

Marquee Light

Next to work on was marquee light. I intiially thought it was the ballast so I ordered a starter on eBay as the starters aren’t your average starters found in bunnings – they are a screw in type and they’re 100v. I also purchased a tube to test and it turns out, it was only the tube that was dead. Everything worked first go after installation!

I present, one of the most expensive marquees out there! (a “clean” marquee has fetched for stupid money overseas). I’ve just recently learnt that the “red” looking ones are the original and that the “purple vibrant” ones are the repros – I personally like the purple way more that I’ve seen.

Control Panel

The CP was pretty filthy but with that said, it’s surprisingly the “best” cp I’ve had in all my other cabs. Everything was still intact and the amount of rust was only on the actual panel itself which is still VERY usable.

Here’s some before shots

The upper side of the CP had some sort of cardstock stuck on the move list that was a massive PITA to remove.

I eventually got there in the end :D

A cut and polish is up next, but the control panel is pretty much done.

Never realised that an Egret CP allows Sega CP’s too… just looks weird AF

Some buttons have been ordered from The 1P CP has been ordered from Alberto and he’s also hooking it up with the missing marquee bracket! What a legend!

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