Blast City – Flaking

I hit a snag the other night 

I started cleaning the second cab and as I gave it a good wipe down, the paint just started flaking off, and it got worse and worse as I cleaned more..

The initial thoughts were “touch up”, but what started like this…

Ended up like this after some elbow grease

Some flaking…

After a wipe down it looked like this – so I just started sanding

And then I decided, there’s no way I could “touch” this up without a proper colour match, so for those that remember my Naomi Universal project and me saying in the first post ” I am not repainting these cabs, they are just too much work, so I will embrace the war wounds”, it looks like I’ll be painting this mofo :D :D

I’ll keep this cab and get rid of the other “better” condition cab – I really am hating this cab of all the cabs I’ve worked on lol

An hour later, the cab is officially stripped out! (took me an hour, since I’ve never stripped a blast before and there were so many JIS screws – which I f***ed two up and needed to drill out)

I am hoping this doesn’t end up taking me 5 months like the universal – it shouldn’t as there’s no rust damage or patching I need to sort out. It’s all in the prep work!

I also realised why the speakers sounds so crap when I tested it…

The foam has rotted away! And of course, there’s no “easy” replacement speakers for this cabinet – unlike the astro’s or naomi universal… the hate for this cab grows daily! :D :D

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