Blast City – Pick Up

Here I am with another project – I’m a sucker for punishment! :D

A few weeks ago, I was given an ad on Gumtree for a couple of Blast Cities located in Newcastle. I was umming and ahhing about getting them as I really don’t have room. Mrs said, “just buy and fix them up, then decide what you want to do, keep both, keep one and sell another cab in your garage, or sell both, you know you love to bring things back fro the dead”. Soon after I msg’d the seller to pick up the coming weekend.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a vehicle to transport it, so I asked a mate to use his car and  off to the local 7-Eleven we went to hire out a trailer.

The ad for the Blast Cities were NOT WORKING, and of course, there’s nothing more I love than bringing cabs back from the dead – all dependent on Joey. If Joey can bring them back, great, if not, I’ll sell for what it cost me to get to my house. Here they are loaded up

Lucky for me, the seller decided to give me a whole bunch of chassis and I took the opportunity to grab whatever he would give me. In the end I got 2x MS2931 and 3x MS2930 (2 of which were in side the cab) and a Wei-Ya chassis that I was advised was a drop in

After the drive home, I left it as it was and started sussing out what I was in for the following day..

One cab appears to be worst for wear than the other, multiple areas have paint flaking off – I am not repainting these cabs, they are just too much work, so I will embrace the war wounds.

Never worked on a Blast City before, I had no idea what was what and this spaghetti of wires was quite intimidating, I had a trusty multi-meter, but fortunately, the other cab was quite intact

After a solid hour of detangling wires and putting some cable ties, I ended up with something a little more respectable. This cab unfortunately is missing a JAMMA loom.

Decided, I’ll give it a good clean once I have everything working.

I reached out to Joey and he advised that he wouldn’t touch any chassis that had black goop. Of the 5 chassis I got, only 2x were black goop free (a 2931 and a 2930).

Removed the monitors out of the cab – WHAT A PITA IT WAS!! Compared to other cabs I’ve worked on, the Blast City is by far the most painful cab to get the monitor out.

Eventually got them on the floor :)

It was a shame that both tubes had some burn in with one monitor having worse burn in than the other.

Now the monitor was out, I quickly ran some test to see what the go was with them and one had no image, just a blue screen.

Off to Joey they went.

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