Japanese Outrun 2 SP Single Cab – Speaker Upgrade

Well I decided on Logitech 2.1 speakers because of one reason – bass! I feel since Sega didn’t install the rear speakers and base (like daytona 2) that I would be going it a disservice without some base :)

Enter the logitech Z407’s. These speakers pretty much ticked all the right boxes, slim profile satellites, sub woofer that would fit in the base and a wireless remote so I didn’t have to worry about routing it to a decent location.

Installation was pretty easy, I just needed some few extras from Jaycar.

The fit easily at the back of the monitor like so:

Secured by the best things ever created – cable ties! :D

At front view, they’re tucked away nicely and when the screen bezel is on, you can’t even tell

The trickiest part was getting 240v to the back of the base and I won’t really go into too much detail on how that was achieved, but it’s possible if you know what to do.

The sub fits perfectly in the spare space as the chihiro is relatively small compared to a model 2 or model 3 stack :D

As with the previous video, here’s what it used to sound like:

With the 2.1 upgrade, here’s what it sounds like now (it’s hard to tell via the phone camera, but IRL, it sounds SO MUCH better than what it used to sound like)

The cab is now pretty much done except the other little bits with aesthetics (has been ordered from the UK) and a last general clean.

So happy with this purchase and it’s been getting some game time pretty much every night here haha

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