Blast City – wavy corners part 1

The universe just doesn’t want me to love the blast city! 



The blast city had some “buzzing” that got louder as time went on. After reading a thread on AP, it pointed to some stuff inside the yoke and would need “cleaning” but to do so would mean removing the yoke – something I was absolutely petrified of doing due to the risk of damaging the neck.

Last week, I received convergence strips and finally worked up the courage do the maintenance.

Upon removal of the yoke, a few crusty bits came off and some permalloy strips also came off the tube


I gave the yoke a good dust with a dry brush and got it to a reasonable state


After putting back everything, the buzz was mostly gone – still a little buzz, but nowhere near as loud.

I started mucking around with the convergence strips and you can see the difference.

Before convergence strips


Only problem I have now is I seem to have introduced “wavy” corners and I have no idea how or why they’ve been introduced.

I don’t believe it can be “caps” as I don’t recall this previously and this chassis has been serviced back in October with very minimal use. They seem more prominent on the right side versus the left side, but it’s definitely there.

Would loose windings cause this?

If you look at the top there’s probably a couple of loose copper.

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