Blast City – convergence strips

Spent some time on the public holiday to configure the monitor.

Here’s the cross stitch of the monitor before any convergence work..


After about two hours worth of mucking around and me $h**ting myself, this was the best I could do (also ran out of convergence strips)


The bottom left could probably use another one or two strip, but there’s definitely a difference on all corners, especially the top left! In game, it’s a lot more forgivable and nowhere near as noticeable as it used to be.

Of course, the back view 


 – yep, I got happy with silicone. I really don’t want to be taking this monitor out anytime soon


She’s finally back in the cab and I had a good gaming session on Wednesday night.

Was about to drop a few coins on it yesterday until this happened…..

Turned the cab on, noticed something was off when I saw the monitor and upon checking the colour chart… blue channel is missing!! FMD it just doesn’t stop! This cab really hates me! hahah


At this point in time, given the history of this cab, I almost rage quit and threw in the towel, but I stepped away for 10 mins, regathered as I knew I had a spare neck board for this chassis – I already came across this issue with the other blast city and I replaced the neck board.

Back on the “workbench” (aka floor 


), I desoldered the two wires on the neck board and swapped them around. Turned it on and voila! I got blue but no red! ARRRGGGHHHHH


My last resort before emailing Joey was to reflow the 3 transistors responsible for the 3 rgb channels on the neck board.

Turned the cab back on with the reflowed neck board and bob’s your uncle! Everything is back to normal! Thank f**k for that!


Got her installed again (back didn’t like it) and dumped a few credits on DOJ!

For now, arcade universe is balanced again and I really hope there’s no more challenges for this blast city ever. I’ve been told by a few people to sell it off, but given the amount of work I’ve put in, it’ll most likely be sticking around for a few years 


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